Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Qlik Qualified!

These days I have been very busy working on improving myself as life has changed for me since last year. I am not been able to blog as freely as before due to commitment. I always wanted to improve myself and I have been watching alot of videos and tutorials from Udemy. There are so many videos to learn from depending on which topics you are interested in. You should go check it out!

Luckily for me, my company is the partner for Qlik and I am provided with Qlik Continuous Classroom for free. They have also the academic program where you can enroll as a student.

The videos and tutorials are easy to follow and qualification should be easy. I wouldn't say its super easy or extremely hard, you can take the practise question to find out yourself. Some questions can be quite tricky.

These are my badges which I obtained currently.

Looking forward to obtain data architect qualification and certifications!

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James Zicrov said...

Thank you so much for exploring the best and right information.

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