Saturday, April 13, 2013

Internet technology has improved tremendously, don't you agree?

Today while I was doing my usual research online, I came across this YouTube throwing up notification "PSY performs his new song "Gentleman" in concert"

Curiously throwing aside my research, I clicked on the link. The link pointed me to YouTube live channel about this popular korean guy named Psy. The guy who became worldwide popular from YouTube due to his weird but funny and catchy MTV. Just in YouTube alone, he earned about 8 million dollars for his Gangnam Style song. This time he put up a live concert in Korea and YouTube to debut his new album Gentlemen.

As I was watching, I still cannot believe I'm sitting comfortably on my sofa watching a live stream concert from Korea. (moreover its free)

Internet technology has really catching up a lot comparing to 10 years ago where people are just starting to jump into broadband speed. Back then there were ICQ, mIRC, friendster..etc. Skype, facebook, instagram, pinterest...etc are ruling the internet world... for now. So who's next to take over them?

Friday, February 8, 2013

Drag & Drop files from Sharepoint website.

Some of you might be wondering when surfing through the Sharepoint site and you might be thinking if its possible to do a drag and drop from the document website. Yes you can, but its not very obvious. No worries! It's pretty simple and here's how you do it.

Look for the part where it says View : All Documents.

Click on the dropdown list and select the explorer view.

Ta-dah! Your windows explorer will open up with the folders and files in there!