Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gmail to work on blackberry native mail.

Some of you may encounter some problems with using Blackberry Native Mail app to work with the gmail. Whether you tried to add to your account from the Blackberry website or do it from your phone, it will shows

“Invalid email address or password: Please verify your email address and password. The information you provided is incorrect. If the error persists contact (your email provider).”

At first moment, you thought that you may have input the wrong login or password. You tried to login from the gmail website and it worked as normal. Google itself does not provide any solution for this. I happen to stumble across google captcha. For some authentication website, you may need to unlock it. For gmail users you should go to Google Unlock Captcha. For those using the Google App Mail, you should go to this url It works for me at least after I unlocked it.

Note: Remember to enable smtp for your mail account also.