Sunday, March 21, 2021

My 2021 PC Setup!

Finally my new desktop  PC setup for 2021. No more bulky PC casing lying around. My main intention for this build is for my future laptop which only require 1 USB C cable. Yes one wire to rule them all! This usb cable will connect to my docking station which actually served 2 purpose, display output and charging my laptop. This dock which I bought has 2 hdmi and 1 dvi connection and many usb 3 connections. Pretty cool huh?

As I am going minimalist setup, few years ago I have already ditched my dual monitor setup for this wide screen monitor. This has helped me reduce 1 power and 1 display cable. I have replaced my desktop for my future laptop, in order to make it neat, I bought a compatible mount for my laptop. I hope the stand is able to support the total weight as this is my custom setup. You cannot get all of this as a package.