Friday, January 30, 2015

Java plugins not able to run on Chrome problem.

Recently Java has new update for their application and may need you to replace your old version of your Java. There are quite a number of users encountering an issue about chrome not able to run the plugins.

They tried various way from uninstall and install Java completely. The reason it does not work is not due to anything bug errors. It depends on your main system. If you have follow some of the tech news recently, chrome has updated their application to 64bit. Main reason why it is unable to install is simply the link java website provided by default only direct you to 32bit updates.

To ensure that you have the similar issue, check if you are running 64 bit chrome by following these steps.

1. Go to About page from the hamburger icon.

2. Check if you are running 64bit to resolve this problem.

3. Go to this Click download and you will have options to go for other downloads.

4. Download the 64bit, close the broswer and install it.

Voila! You can now run java plugins on chrome! Hope it helps you!

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