Monday, April 27, 2009

My very first mod game...

Was doing housekeeping lately and found a CD which contain my final year project sources and documentations. Inside was my very first mod game which I did during my polytechnic days. I remember those time which I spend more than 12 hrs everyday in the lab working on it. Though it was very tiring but I enjoyed throughout the whole project. Everyone in the team was easy to get along with.

The name of this project is called Operation Flashpoint Modification Project which uses of course the Operation Flashpoint mod engine. There were a total of 6 members in the team. Our roles consist of programmers, designers, animator and music composer where most of us were taken a double role job. We have also contribute the voice acting into the game. It took us about 11 weeks to complete.

We are able to accomplish all of the requirements but I feel that the overall game has not polished well enough. Due to time constraint, there is not really enough time to explore more on the animation side. One example is the rolling animation which many simulation games did not incorporate until recently Metal Gear Solid 4, Solid Snake was the only one I saw using the animation.

After watching the clip again, it makes me wonder if I should work on OFP 2 : Dragon Rising which is coming soon sometime this year.

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