Thursday, October 9, 2008

Creepy Interactive Game

An interactive horror game, hotel 626, which uses just only the mouse to play. Its unique system let you capture your face using your web cam(if any) and post it as a visitor in the hotel which you will see in the near end of the chapter.

Total play time for this whole game is around 15-30min.

How horror is this game? You need to try and find out. Its more like an exorcist movie to me.
To add on the ambience and excitement, switch off your lights and use a headphone.

Here are some couple of screenshot if you are curious how scary it is.

Additional Notes:
You can only play the game on a certain time of the day as stated on the website. To trick the website, you need to adjust your system clock.
hint: To complete this game you need to play it with speaker on, without it, its quite impossible to complete it for some certain chapters.

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